The 2018 Pony Club Area 9 Show Jumping Championships will be held on 9th September 2018 at Rectory Farm Arena.

1. Many thanks for entering – this show is one of the major fund raisers for Area 9 and the funds raised go to the benefit of all Members in the Area and we hope that you all have a good day and end with a smile.
2. Sunday will be extremely busy as we can only use the grass arena for one class – so please make sure you are ready at least 15 minutes before your given time – if we get ahead we will stay ahead – if you miss your slot we will do our best to fit you in, but this may not be possible. This is extremely important for those in the earlier classes – if you delay then whilst it may not mean you can’t jump there will be an impact on the later classes when you have gone home!
Please make sure you have your number on at all times when mounted (on the reverse of the card will be the classes you have entered and  your times – please check when you collect from the Secretary) – if it looks like rain, then bring a plastic wallet to put your number card in and use  safety pins to attach to the saddlecloth.
3.The Championships will be run under Pony Club Show jumping Rules 2018, especially regarding tack and turnout rules e.g. pale coloured breeches/jodphurs only, traditional styled jackets, no bobbles or fur balls on hat covers and hat covers may only be dark blue, black or brown (hats must be tagged for the correct standard – there may be charge for anyone who has to have their hat tagged on the day and possible spot checks to make sure that only hats with the required standard have been tagged).
4. Though I don’t think we will be checking passports -please remind Members that they must not transport their horse/pony without its passport – they are risking a £5000 fine.
5. If anyone would like to know why some teams are not jumping all together at the same time – email me, Jane Ogle, on [email protected] and I will try and explain.

The Pony Club Area 9 Show Jumping Championships 2018 will kindly be sponsored by Stroud Farm Services

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