NSEA National Show Jumping 15th September

From £25.00 inc. VAT

Inter-Schools Grass Roots Show Jumping Qualifiers & National Schools NSEA Show Jumping Qualifiers.

Classes 70cm-1.10m

Grass Roots Qualifiers for the Grass Roots Regional Championships (see NSEA website for dates) as well as the NSEA Grass Roots Festival at Hickstead in August 2024.

Classes 6 to 10 are qualifiers for the NSEA National Schools Championships 2024 at Addington in October and qualifiers for the NSEA Championship Plate in October 2024.

Rosettes, Sashes and Prizes kindly sponsored by Dean Close Foundation.
Rosettes will be awarded to the top 6 teams & the top 8 individuals in both the Grass Roots and National Schools Qualifiers classes.



Please Note: All team riders automatically count as individuals.  In Class 1 only 1 Team & 1 Individual to qualify

Main Arena: National Schools NSEA Show Jumping Qualifiers
Class 1           Novice 80-85cm Team & Individual Qualifier
Single Phase. (Split Class Sat & Sun) ONLY 1 Team & Individual Qualify
Entry Fee: £25 per combination

Trophies:        The Seaholm Deacon Cup and The Nixon Cup

Class 2: Intermediate 90-95cm Team & Individual Qualifier.
Single Phase.
Entry Fee: £25 per combination

Trophies:            The Crabb Challenge Cup and The Karisto Saint Hymer Trophy

Class 3: 1m-1.05 Open Team & Individual Qualifier
Single Phase.
Entry Fee: £25 per combination

Trophies:            The Zee Cup and The Tisserand Cup

Class 4a/b          1.10m Advanced Open Individual Qualifier
Single Phase.   This class will be jumped in 2 sections: 4a) Horses, 4b) Ponies, but will be scored as one       competition with the top 2 horses and the top 2 ponies to qualify.
Entry Fee: £25 per combination

Trophies:        The Dynamite Trophy and The Hine Cup

Entry Fees: £22 per combination per round. To include paramedic first aid cover, NSEA levy and VAT.
A one off booking fee of £1.50 will be charged at the time of booking. 
Stables available from £35 to include shaving’s bedding. Please contact [email protected] to book

NSEA Rules – For the comprehensive Grass Roots Rules go to NSEA General Rules 2024-25 on the NSEA website.

See below for eligibility in the height classes:
Grass Roots Rules for classes 2 – 5

GR1) Classes & Eligibility
Grass Roots 40 & 50cm classes (for very novice riders only)
40cm Grass Roots Riders may be led, not from bit, or assisted
Classes are judged on rider position and style only over a simple course of fences.
There is a very generous maximum time only.
Classes may be split into a) led and b) assisted.
There will be an additional prize for the most stylish rider who jumps clear in this class
ANY RIDER who has competed in ANY 70cm class (or higher) on ANY pony at ANY competition (not just NSEA) is NOT
eligible for this class, (except h/c if space permits)

50cm Grass Roots. (Riders may be assisted but not led.)
Optimum time. The winner will be the horse/rider combination who have the fewest jumping penalties and are closest to the optimum time.
There will be an additional prize for the most stylish rider who jumps clear in this class
ANY RIDER who has competed in ANY 80cm class (or higher) on ANY pony in ANY competition (not just NSEA) is
immediately ineligible for Grass Roots 40 & 50 cm qualifiers & Championship classes.
ANY HORSE/RIDER combination who has qualified for any other NSEA CHAMPIONSIPS (SJ / JwS CHQ, ECQ, County
etc) may not compete in Grass Roots 50cm classes.

Grass Roots 60 & 70cm classes (for novice riders)
60cm Grass Roots
Single phase competitions, no outside assistance.
Horse/ Rider combinations who have completed 4 courses at 80cm (at ANY competition, not just NSEA competitions)
may only compete h/c in 60cm classes, unless they ride a different pony.

70cm Grass Roots
Single phase, no outside assistance
Riders jumping at this level are not eligible for 40cm Grass Roots on ANY pony.
Rider / pony combinations jumping at this level are NOT eligible for 50cm classes.

The purpose of the Grass Roots programme is to provide very novice riders with the opportunity to experience the excitement of competition. The rules are, therefore, kept as flexible as possible but, please embrace the “spirit” of the rules. Please do not use Grass Roots competitions as an easy opportunity to “pot hunt,” as it is not in the spirit of the competition.

The top 6 teams & individuals at qualifiers will be eligible to compete at any Regional Grass Roots Championships.
Rosettes will be awarded to the top 4 teams & the top 8 individuals in both the Grass Roots and RPL classes


The organisers reserve the right to eliminate any competitor whose riding helmet is not fastened when mounted. Riding helmets must bear the current safety standards for British Show jumping. The organisers strongly recommend that competitors wear body protectors, hairnets are compulsory for hair longer than shoulder length. The organiser of this event has taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the organisers, officials and stewards. Any damages must be paid for. Vehicles, boxes and trailers and are parked entirely at the owner’s risk. Anyone entering this competition will be deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules in this schedule and current NSEA rules. All schools to provide their own arena party when their pupils are competing. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the event, in which case entry fees will be refunded (less £5 per competitor). In the event of adverse weather conditions the competition will be rescheduled. Riders’ start times will emailed to team managers. Competitors will only be able to walk the course at the beginning of each class or during specified times.

All competitors and those associated with their school are the responsibility of the Team Manager whilst at the competition

All enquiries are to be made by the Team Manager please.

TV & Photography

Please note that professional photographers will be present at NSEA competitions. There may also be TV cameras at
the Championships. Please indicate on the entry form if you do not wish to appear in press coverage/ TV or photos taken by our official photographers
Child Protection & Safeguarding

If you have any concerns, please contact the NSEA on tel 07552 836032 / [email protected] to be put in
contact with our designated Child Protection Officer. If you have immediate concerns, you can contact

Childline tel 0800 1111 or NSPCC tel 0808 800 5000

General information

  • Please ensure that you do not muck out your horsebox onto the Car Park. Take all litter home with you.
  • All dogs must be kept on leads at all times. Any dog mess must be cleared up.
    Outside assistance will not be tolerated- and could result in elimination.
    NSEA affiliated competitors only may warm up & compete horses on the show ground
  • All competitions, parents and representatives from every school must ensure that they act courteously to stewards
  • and officials at all times. Most of them are volunteers and rudeness is not acceptable.
  • Withdrawals made prior to the closing date will be refunded less a £5 administration fee. Withdrawals made after this
  • date will only be refunded upon receipt of a doctor’s note or veterinary certificate.
    In the event of cancellation, your entry will be refunded less a £5 admin fee.
  • In the event of oversubscription, a ballot will be drawn on Tuesday 25th April in accordance with NSEA rule AR1

Have a good day!

NSEA General Rules 2024/25
Note- NSEA Rules- hair up please.

Start Times will be available on the NSEA website 2 days before the competition
www.nsea.org.uk and also on the Rectory Farm website https://www.rectoryfarm.com/